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EMG Retro Active Fat 55 Electric Guitar Pickup Set, Black

EMG Retro Active Fat 55 Electric Guitar Pickup Set, Black

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The EMG Retro Active Fat 55 humbucker set was inspired by the ingenuity, tone, and feel of the original PAF, evoking the best tones of the '50s and '60s. No longer limited by the technology of that era, this classic looking humbucker set adds a newly designed external preamp that provides the benefit of a low-impedance output; virtually no hum or added noise. The Alnico magnets in traditional open coil bobbins deliver fat, warm lows without losing any clarity on the high end. The Fat 55 is capable of sitting back in a blues riff or rising up to the overdriven solo with ease. Staying true to conventional design can bring buzz and hum, which is where the new plug-on preamp comes in. The preamp cleans up all of the output noise but retains the passive character of your tone. This is a passive pickup with all the benefits of active technology, yielding a new level of tonal control. The completely solderless Retro Active Fat 55 humbucker set is available in black and zebra color options, giving you the look you love and the tone you need.

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

- 2-25k volume pot
- 2-25k tone pot
- 1-battery bus
- 1-stereo output jack
- 1-two pickup in/out bus
- 2-pair mounting screws and springs
- 2-pickup cables
- 4-connect cables
- 1-output cable
- 1-battery cable
- “short shaft” 9mm pot
- standard spacing