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Eminence Legend CB15 Bass Speaker (300 Watts, 15 Inch), 8 Ohms

Eminence Legend CB15 Bass Speaker (300 Watts, 15 Inch), 8 Ohms

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With a cast aluminum frame, 2.5" voice coil, and 300 watts of power-handling, this speaker is the best choice for the serious player! Many bassists have historically chosen 10-inch speakers in their rigs for their distinctive tonal characteristics, but more often because they result a much lighter and smaller cabinet. There is, however, no substitute for a larger format woofer when you are trying to produce bass. The CB15 provides the best of both worlds by punching out low-end that only a 15-inch woofer can provide, but doing it in a smaller enclosure. Use one driver in a 2 cu. foot box or 2 in a 4 cu. foot box. This bass woofer works nice by itself or when used in 2 and 3-way bass rigs.The World's Favorite Guitar SpeakersEminence Guitar Legends are specially designed for electric guitar amplifiers. Tuned by skilled ears, these hand-built specials feature a range of materials and ideas from nearly 40 years experience. Models such as the LEGEND B15, 121 and Modeling 12 are state of the art designs which meet the modern-day demand for power handling while other models feature vintage magnet and cone materials to recreate the traditional sounds of lead and jazz guitar. The most difficult aspect of presenting a guitar speaker to the world is being able to describe its tonal characteristics. Your choice of guitar speakers is at least as important as your choice of pickups or strings. Just as you customize a guitar to suit your sound, so too can you customize -
- or "hot rod" -
- your combo with Eminence loudspeakers. Eminence is fortunate to have one of the foremost authorities on guitar and amplifier tone in the music industry as an endorsing artist. Greg Martin, lead guitarist for the Kentucky Headhunters was kind enough to lend his ears and hands in an effort to present to you the most realistic and accurate tonal descriptions for each of the Eminence Guitar Legends. Below are descriptions of the Legend 15-inch speakers.Greg Martin is a master of home cooked Southern-style Rock, Blues, Country and Rockabilly guitar. Along with his band, The Kentucky HeadHunters, he has helped reshape the face of country music. To date the HeadHunters have released 6 albums, winning countless awards and Grammies. In 1992, Greg filled in for injured Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King. The HeadHunters have also collaborated with the great Johnnie Johnson on a stellar rockin' blues CD "That'll Work!" Johnnie was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame this year by Rolling Stone Keith Richards. Greg will soon release a Gospel Blues CD with former Wet Willie singer Jimmy Hall entitled "The Revelators." Eminence chose several amps and guitars for this tonal analysis to make sure that you get the most realistic descriptions possible. Each description was derived from using the gear listed below in various combinations: Guitars: 1960 Fender Stratocaster and a re-issue Les Paul with Tom Holmes pickups. Amps: 1965 Fender Vibroverb; Fender "The Twin"; T35 Top Hat Head with 4-6V6 tubes; 1973 Marshall Non-Master Volume Head with 2-EL34 tubes.