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Fishman Fluence Modern Alnico Electric Guitar Pickup, Black Nickel

Fishman Fluence Modern Alnico Electric Guitar Pickup, Black Nickel

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Original and totally re-imagined, Fishman Fluence pickups are free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups -
- revealing pure, uncorrupted and musical tone.Modern Humbucker Alnico: All the musicality, power and explosiveness of alnico. Full chords and fluid solos, plus a voice you've never heard in a humbucker. Great in both positions, or commonly paired with a ceramic bridge pickup.Each Fishman Fluence pickup has two distinct and useful sounds on-board. These sounds start with the revolutionary Fluence Core, the heart of Fluence tone.
- All Fishman Fluence Pickups:

- Are Multi-Voice. Set and forget, or wire-up to toggle between two musically complimentary voices.
- Drop right in and replace standard humbucker pickups.
- Are rechargeable on your guitar. Optional lithium-ion battery pack offers weeks, not hours, of playing time.


- Voice 1: Modern Active High Output -
- The Ideal Active Alnico Sound. Full, Round, And Boosted, But with Unprecedented Articulation and Dynamics.
- Voice 2: Crisp, Clean and Fluid -
- The Clean, Crisp Neck Humbucker Tone You've Always Wanted, Without the Thin, Plinky Sound You Don't.