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JBL JRX225 2-Way Passive, Unpowered PA Speaker

JBL JRX225 2-Way Passive, Unpowered PA Speaker

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Techno, Hip-Hop, Disco, Pop. . . no matter what style you spin, club music is all about the groove, and if the sound system you're playing through can't hold down the bottom, party people ain't gonna get off theirs. Not a problem with the JBL JRX225 loudspeakers. Outfitted with not one, but two 15" woofers, these thumpin' boxes churn out loads of club-filling bass without having to add a separate sub to your sound system.

Full-Range Coverage
Because it provides full-range frequency coverage in a single box, the 2x15 speaker enclosure is a big hit with DJs, and JBL executes the design better than just about anyone. Quasi 3-way operation is the secret to the JRX225's success; while some 2x15 loudspeakers emphasize the bass at the expense of everything else, the JRX225 uses a different crossover frequency for each woofer. The bottom of the two drivers handles the lowest lows, while the top driver handles both lows and middle frequencies. In this way, this JBL 2x15 is capable of much more definition and articulation; not only will folks be movin', but they'll no doubt be singing along to their favorite tracks now that they'll be able to understand the words! Topped off with a 1" polymer diaphragm compression driver to handle the high end, all tonal bases are covered. A pair of JRX225 enclosures will have no trouble filling your venue with throbbing, heavy grooves.

Crazy Power Handling
Long-time practitioners of the live sound reinforcement arts, JBL's name has come to stand for reliable and professional products; the JRX225 speakers are no exception. These bad boys handle up to an incredible 2000 watts peak and a maximum SPL of 133 decibels. Oh, you're spinning at a house near the airport? Those jets don't stand a chance of taking attention away from your pounding tracks! Speakon connectors are provided in addition to the standard 1/4" jacks for a reliable connection with superior audio fidelity. The handsome fiberboard cabinet and metal front grill keep the sensitive speakers safe from even the most rambunctious partygoers.

Don't waste your time with inferior speaker enclosures. If you want to call yourself a professional DJ, you need to show up with professional gear, and only the JBL JRX225 2x15 will do.