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Kepma AcoustiFex Guitar Preamp Pickup Effects System

Kepma AcoustiFex Guitar Preamp Pickup Effects System

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The patented AcoustiFex GO preamp and effects unit provides you with amazing live acoustic sound and stunning on-board studio-quality effects (reverb, chorus and delay) both with and without external amplification.


- Magnetic pickup and condenser microphone
- Volume and mic blend control
- Microphone phase switch
- Three band EQ
- 18650 Mega Battery
- USB charging port (cable included)
- Installation and control adjustment tool
- Permanent install 1/4" jack or cable sheath for removable installationThe AcoustiFex G0 represents a breakthrough in acoustic engineering and sound design allowing you to get stunning acoustic sound and effects from any acoustic guitar with or without being plugged into an amplifier or sound system. It simple to install into any acoustic guitar soundhole in minutes and can used as a permanent installation with an end pin jack or you can run the cable from the sound hole into a leather pouch keeping it from interfering with your playing.