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Korg SY1D SyncDancing In-Ear Metromone for Dance

Korg SY1D SyncDancing In-Ear Metromone for Dance

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SyncDancing is a unique style of music player and metronome that you wear directly in your ear. Since the speaker unit fits directly in your ear, you can practice dancing with the correct rhythm while hearing the music directly in your ear. Because you can concentrate on the sound without being distracted by nearby sounds, this is ideal for personal practice at home as well as for practice in a large dance studio or hall. SyncDancing is extremely small and lightweight, so you can dance without any distraction. A total of twenty standard songs for ballroom dances such as waltz, tango, rhumba, and cha-cha-cha are built-in, and you can play them back while switching between the metronome and the song. SyncDancing supports not only individual practice but also practicing dance as a couple. Simply click two SyncDancing units together and press the sync button to synchronize the tempo and timing via infrared.


- Practice dancing while listening to the rhythm or song directly in your ear
- Twenty standard ballroom dance songs are built-in
- Infrared tempo synchronization, ideal for practicing as a couple
- Built-in voice count; A wide variety of beats and rhythms
- Ear pad and carrying case included