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Laney L5 Studio Guitar Amplifier Head and Audio Interface

Laney L5 Studio Guitar Amplifier Head and Audio Interface

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Lionheart, uniquely responsive boutique British Single-Ended Class 'A' tube tone. The L5-STUDIO brings Single-Ended Class 'A' tube tone -
- into the digital realm! T-USB equipped means Lionheart tone direct into your DAW.Play through a Lionheart -
- it reacts to your touch. From the moment you strike a note you're connected. Let the music flow through you -
- from your fingers to the guitar, through the amplifier to the beating heart of the speaker. You are one. You are Lionheart.

Boutique Single-ended Class 'A' Tone

Designed and engineered with pride in Great Britain, The Lionheart L5-STUDIO brings boutique Single-Ended Class 'A' tube tone into the digital realm!


The L5-STUDIO is the first -
- and only -
- Single-Ended Class 'A' tube amplifier that has the ability to interface directly with any DAW* using Laney's unique T-USB technology. The T-USB interface supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal -
- split left and right to your DAW -
- directly into either your PC/MAC or iPad*, which means that you can alter the guitar tone of your original recording -
- without having to re-track anything! And do it silently.

Twin Channels

The L5-Studio features a chrome twin channel pre amp with a Bright switch, shared 3-band EQ and a global Tone and Studio-quality Digital Reverb.

Power Options

Capable of delivering either 5 watts RMS or 0.5 watts RMS of pure boutique Single-Ended Class 'A' tube tone depending on your speaker output choice.

Well Connected

The L5-STUDIO features a switchable FX loop so you can connect the outboard gear of your choice and an AUX in socket for connecting external sound sources.

Got it Covered

The L5-STUDIO is supplied with a stylish Lionheart cover and FS2 footswitch.