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Laney MINI-BASS-NX Battery-Powered Mini Bass Combo Amp

Laney MINI-BASS-NX Battery-Powered Mini Bass Combo Amp

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Styled after the iconic Laney NEXUS range, the Laney MINI-BASS-NX is a battery-powered bass amp, perfect for desktop, backstage or practice -
- a super-compact solution for bass tone and performance anywhere. The MINI-BASS-NX model features a single channel, gain, shape, level, tone, TILT and volume dial, bass input, Aux in, headphone socket and the unique Laney LSI: Laney Smartphone Insert. The LSI allows you to connect your amp to any bass tone generating app, to access all your favourite bass tones.

Tilt: Add Highs for Presence or Lows for Body

Tilt is a dynamic, powerful SEE SAW EQ control. This control has a central neutral position. Turning the control clockwise increases the overall mid to high frequencies and decreases the lows thereby giving your sound more presence, which can be useful for cutting through live band situations. Turning the control counter-clockwise reduces the overall mid to high frequencies and increases the lows making your overall sound rounder.

LSI: Laney Smart Interface socket

This totally unique feature allows you to connect your amp to your smart device; to access the world of digital apps. No other amp on the market offers you this facility. With nothing more than your amp, your smart device and the LSI cable supplied with your amp, you have access to thousands of digital guitar tones at your fingertips.

Tonebridge App: Recreate classic tones

Tonebridge from Ultimate Guitar gives you access to 1,000+ classic guitar & bass tones for free. The free app makes it easy to recreate classic guitar tones on demand using an iPad and you Laney LSI equipped amp. All Laney MINI amps come with a free 3-month full subscription to Tonebridge.


- Battery Powered Bass Combo with Smartphone Interface
- Lightweight and portable
- 2 x 3" full ranged drivers
- Single channel amp with Gain, Level, Tone, Tilt, and Volume Controls
- Aux in and LSI (Laney Smart Interface) and headphone outputs included
- Runs on 6 x AA batteries or power supply sold separately
- 6 watts