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Mogami Gold DB25 to XLR-F 8-Channel Audio Snake, 5 Foot

Mogami Gold DB25 to XLR-F 8-Channel Audio Snake, 5 Foot

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Mogami 8 channel interface snakes are made using Mogami's 8 channel multi-pair cable, the recognized standard for quality sound in the professional recording industry. These are hand assembled and machine crimped in El Segundo, CA, using the finest components available. An excellent choice for patch bays and recording interfaces where D-sub interfaces are becoming increasingly popular


- Wired to industry standard analog pin out; fits ALL analog machines
- Rugged, noise-proof, all metal D-sub shells and state-of-the-art pin termination
- Black epoxy finish gold contact TRS connectors
- Easy-to-grab, extended length metal thumb screws
- Techflex braided sleeve protection for all fan outs
- Lifetime Warranty
- Low 23.7 pF/Ft capacitance
- Mogami signature 100% coverage spiral shield