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On-Stage GTP7000 Mini Guitar Pedal Tuner

On-Stage GTP7000 Mini Guitar Pedal Tuner

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Compact yet overly capable, the On-Stage GTP7000 smoothly and stably integrates with your effects board, occupying minimal space. This chromatic mode tuner with 430
- 450Hz pitch range and +/
- 0.5 cent tuning tolerance, and is powered by a 9V DC adapter. The over-sized, high visibility 4 color regular, strobe or half strobe display provides easily-read note name indication, while true bypass circuitry ensures absolute signal integrity.


- Tuning Mode: Chromatic
- Pitch Range: 430
- 450Hz
- Tuning Tolerance: +/
- 0.5 cent
- Display: 4-Color display
- Bypass: True bypass