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Hot Wires

Hot Wires Guitar Instrument Cable, 20 Foot

Hot Wires Guitar Instrument Cable, 20 Foot

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When it comes to live sound, recording, and electric instruments, these quality Hot Wires cables are a vital tool. Hot Wires guitar instrument cables are flexible, durable, and have an inner and outer PVC shielding for smooth sound transfer. No other gear can withstand being stepped on, twisted, pulled, and dragged, yet still perform every time as if it was the first time. All Hot Wires instrument cables ships with a Velcro strap for organizing your cables.


- Professional cables with 6mm 1/4 to 1/4-inch connectors
- Velcro strap
- Strength and durability
- Quality sound and construction
- Lifetime Warranty

A Cable To Count On

Hot Wires cables have strength and durability to handle all the abuses that go with the business while delivering pristine, noise-free audio. You don't have to worry about these cables giving you interrupted sound, static, or loss of quality during an important gig. Hot Wires provide quality sound and construction that you can rely on!Hot Wires Guitar instrument cables come with a Lifetime Warranty!