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On-Stage SS7762B Speaker Stand (with Adjustable Leg)

On-Stage SS7762B Speaker Stand (with Adjustable Leg)

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Lightweight, super-stable and highly adaptive, the On-Stage SS7762B speaker stand features a leveling leg for swift, secure placement on uneven surfaces -
- including stairs! The SS7762B, our latest take on the best-selling SS7761B, utilizes black powder-coated aluminum construction and a reversible 1-3/8" to 1-1/2" upper shaft with safety locking pin for 110 lbs. of speaker support and 45-72" height adjustment. Best of all, the braced tripod base with non-slip rubber feet and 8" range leveling leg ensures precise, worry-free speaker projection in even the most challenging performance spaces.


- Reversible 1-3/8"
- 1-1/2" upper shaft and locking safety pin
- Leveling leg (from level to 8")
- Adjustable height from 45-72"
- 110 lbs capacity
- Lightweight aluminum construction
- Non-slip rubber feet