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On-Stage SS8800B Plus Power Crank Up Speaker Stand, 2-Pack

On-Stage SS8800B Plus Power Crank Up Speaker Stand, 2-Pack

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The pleasure of live performance is rarely achieved without the pain of load-in and breakdown. If you don't have a roadie, you'll probably be lugging gear and uncoiling cables yourself. PA mains sound best when they're up in the air, but those heavy speakers aren't going to mount themselves. While there's no magic bullet to make the load-in headache go away, On-Stage SS8800B Plus Power Crank speaker-stands help lighten the load.

Supports heavy weight with safety

With most speaker stands, you set the shaft-height first, then try to balance the speaker cabinet on top. This is difficult and dangerous, especially with the beefy loudspeakers needed for larger venues. Power Crank stands are different. You mount the speaker first, then extend the shaft. There's no need to reach over your head, trying to balance all that weight with one hand while searching desperately for the mounting slot with the other. These stands support up to 100 pounds each, offering plenty of support for the largest PA rigs. The 1 3/8-inch upper shaft can be widened to 1 1/2 inches with an included adapter to handle any standard speaker enclosure.

Fully adjustable height

Once you've got the speaker in place, just crank on the handle to raise it up. Looking to save your strength for that tricky guitar solo? No problem. The handle is removable to accommodate any standard electric drill. With the press of a button, you can set the PA mains to just the right height. Some manufacturers use a plastic gear mechanism which may fail under heavy loads, but not On-Stage. These stands have the gear-teeth milled right into the extruded-aluminum shaft for smooth, reliable motion, gig after gig. An oversized friction handle locks the shaft in place to prevent slippage. You can set your speakers to any elevation from 47 to 80 inches, knowing they won't come back down until you're ready to load-out.

Locking tripod base

When all that weight is perched up in the air, you need a strong, stable base to counteract the top-heaviness. On-Stage includes a locking tripod assembly with a base-spread of 18 inches. Extend the legs out wide enough to keep the stand from toppling over, preventing any unfortunate accidents. Non-slip rubber feet keep the stand in place on any floor surface, so it doesn't jitterbug-away when the bass is thumping. Safety may not seem very "Rock & Roll," but your band mailing-list isn't going to grow if you're dropping loudspeakers on the crowd. You can rock just as hard with these stands as before, and the fans can come back for more.

Strong, lightweight, and compact

After the gig, you can lower the speaker just as smoothly as you raised it, with no fear of dropping it on your head. The stand folds up into a thin, compact shape, making it easy to tuck away into the tour van. The all-aluminum construction offers lightweight transport, yet plenty of strength while in use. Add these stands to your road rig and ease some of the burden on your next tour.