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On-Stage XCG-4 Tripod Guitar Stand

On-Stage XCG-4 Tripod Guitar Stand

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The On-Stage XCG4 tripod guitar stand is just what you need to keep your investment safe. The neck support offered on tripod guitar stands keeps them protected from an errant bump, and On-Stage is one of the more popular manufacturers in the field. But guitar stands aren't about name or features or bells or whistles - they're about protection, and this tripod guitar stand is a fine choice for almost any electric guitar or bass in your collection.

An Essential Accessory
As you probably know, a few essential accessories are required for rocking out: strings, picks, a tuner, a guitar cable, and an amp. But did you know there's also an essential accessory for not rocking out? It's called a guitar stand. In between sets, when you're taking a break during practice, or even when playing music is the farthest thing from your mind, a good guitar stand can help keep your instrument protected.

This tripod-style stand is great for guitars, basses, and banjos of all shapes and sizes, with plenty of adjustability for a comfortable fit. The bottom cradle is able to accommodate the deepest acoustic instruments, and its free-swiveling action helps to secure even asymmetrical guitars like the Explorer, Kelly, Xiphos, and more. The upper shaft is grooved to keep the top aligned with the bottom, ensuring the weight is centered over the tripod base. That's especially good news if you've got a big dog with an overly waggy tail, or you're babysitting Little Johnny when he's all punked up on Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. Leaning your guitar up against the wall or your amp in those situations is just asking for trouble. Additionally, a rubber strap across the top prevents your axe from falling face down on the ground.

The center shaft of this stand is adjustable to handle any scale length. Just loosen the knob on the back, extend or collapse to fit your instrument, and re-tighten. End caps on the legs help prevent slippage and won't mark up your floor. All parts of the XCG4 that come in contact with your instrument are coated in black velveteen rubber to protect the finish. It's your job to add the wear and character to your instrument, not your stand's.

You can remove both the top section and bottom cradle from this guitar stand for easy transport, and the tripod legs fold down to save space while you travel. At this price, you can afford to stock up. Keep a few extra tripod stands around the house or in your practice space (you never know who's going to drop by) and pop a couple in the van so you're never caught short on the road.

Note: Some assembly required.