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Origin Effects

Origin Effects Revival Footswitch Pedal

Origin Effects Revival Footswitch Pedal

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Designed for use with the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE, this footswitch allows you to add even more flexibility with the RevivalDRIVE's MID ASSIGN switch set to F/SWITCH -
- this allows you to apply the adjustable mid boost to whichever channel is currently selected.Please note: the MID BOOST is applied to both the DRY and O.D. signals mixed by the BLEND control. The MID BOOST function is not active when the pedal is in BYPASS mode.This footswitch "overrides" or removes each channel's BLEND control from the signal path. With the BLEND knob set for a mix of DRY and O.D. signals, engaging the DRY OVERRIDE effectively removes the DRY component and reverts to a 100% O.D. signal.


- More flexibility for the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE with footswitchable mid-boost and dry-blend