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Peavey Impulse 1015 Passive, Unpowered PA Speaker (15 Inch), White, 8 Ohms

Peavey Impulse 1015 Passive, Unpowered PA Speaker (15 Inch), White, 8 Ohms

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The Peavey Impulse 1015 is a weather-resistant two-way sound reinforcement system based on a 15" Black Widow woofer and a RX 22N titanium diaphragm dynamic compression driver mounted on a 110 by 80 degree coverage Quadratic Throat Waveguide. Its contemporary appearance coupled with exceptional performance offer an highly desirable combination.The light yet durable injection-molded plastic enclosure with molded-in stand mount cup eases portable use for live music or PA sound. The trapezoidal cabinet has three handles for ease of portability, and two extra angled sections on either side to allow use as a floor monitor. Two mounting point locations are available, one on top and one on the side for the Peavey VM 70 mounting bracket. A full length black powder coated perforated steel grille with cloth backing providesWARNING! The Impulse 1015 is very efficient and powerful! This sound system can permanently damage hearing! Use extreme care setting the overall maximum loudness!The apparent sound level of the Impulse 1015 can be deceiving due to its clear, clean sound output. The lack of distortion or obvious distress can make the sound level seem much lower than it actually is. This system is capable of SPL in excess of 130 dB at 1 M from the speaker!


- 2-way full range sound reinforcement system
- Black Widow 15" 1508-8 SPS long-throw woofer
- RX 22N Neodymium compression driver
- Power Handling: 2000 watts peak, 1000 watts Program
- HF Driver protected by Sound Guard III
- Patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology, 110 by 80 degree coverage
- Rugged plastic injection-molded trapezoidal enclosure
- Cabinet has dual rear corner angled sides for floor monitor use.
- Full-coverage perforated steel grille, with powder coat finish
- Pole mount molded-in for 1 3/8" diameter poles
- M6 metric fly points for VM-70, top and left side of cabinet
- Weather-resistant for sheltered outdoor use.Note: Unpowered speaker, requires separate power amplifier.