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Remo Coated Emperor Drumhead, BE-0110-00, 10 Inch

Remo Coated Emperor Drumhead, BE-0110-00, 10 Inch

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Coated Emperors have become the industry standard for harder hitting applications. Their sound is best described by an open, warm, resonant tone with a warmer attack. Artists who swear by Coated Emperors include Kenny Aronoff, JR Robinson, John Tempesta, Virgil Donati, Tom Brechtlein use Coated Emperor.EmperorEmperor heads are the darkest sounding and most durable of the classic WeatherKing series. These heads use 2 free-floating plys of 7 mil film, which gives them their consistent open tones and accounts for their popularity among many of today's top drummers.Remo's never-ending innovation has brought these (and all of Remo's other two-ply heads including Pinstripe, Suede, and Renaissance) heads to higher levels. They offer the sustain, roundness, and clarity of single ply drumheads with two ply durability, making them the industry standard of what two ply heads should be.