Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface

Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface
Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface
Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface

Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface

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The Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface adds studio-quality input and output capabilities to your computer, making home recording easier than it's ever been. With its high quality Neutrik TM combo jack input and discrete Class-A preamp, you'll be able to connect either a microphone, guitar or a line level instrument, such as a synthesizer. The AI-1 is the best quality-for-price single-channel interface available, bar none. It’s also incredibly easy to use, thanks to thoughtful design, Australian Made quality – it is the perfect companion to any of RØDE MicrophonesThe AI-1 allows zero-latency playback by enabling the direct monitoring feature and playback via headphones/speakers with the high quality discrete headphone amplifier. To ensure the AI-1 is truly versatile it features 48V Phantom Power and is class compliant – so no need to install any drivers.


- Ultra low-noise Class-A discrete preamplifier
- Sampling rate of up to 96kHz/24-Bit
- Premium discrete headphone amplifier
- XLR-1/4” Combo Jack Instrument / line level input
- 2 x Balanced 1/4” speaker outputs
- Rugged body with Satin Black Finish
- USB-C/3 connectivityHardware Features:
- XLR-1/4” Combo Input: Balanced input via 3-pin XLR
- 1/4” Neutrik combo socket. Microphones, instruments (guitars) and line level instruments (synthesizers) can be connected via this input.
- Signal LED: Indicates signal input level. No LED indicates below -60dB. Green LED indicates an input level of at least -40dB, Yellow indicates an input level above -12dB and Red indicates an input level of above -3dB.
- Phantom Power LED: Indicates when phantom power 48V is applied to XLR-1/4” Combo Jack input. Gain level knob must be pushed to turn on/off.
- Gain Level Knob: Gain knob for adjusting input gain. Press knob to turn on/off phantom power.
- Playback/Monitor Level Knob: Gain knob for adjusting headphone / speaker volume. Press knob to turn Direct Monitoring on/off.
- Direct Monitor LED: Indicates when Direct Monitoring is on/off. When Direct Monitoring is ON, audio from the microphone will be routed directly to the headphones. When Direct Monitoring is OFF, you will hear only audio from the computer.
- USB LED: Indicates when the AI-1 is connected via the USB cable.
- Headphone Jack Output: Connector for headphones, ¼” TRS jack requiredHardware Features Back:
- USB-C Port: USB-C type connector. Connect to your laptop or computer with the USB cable supplied.
- Speaker outputs: 2 x 1/4” impedance balanced outputs.

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