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Samson DK705 Drum Microphone Set

Samson DK705 Drum Microphone Set

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Samson's DK705 5-Piece Drum Mic Kit is an essential collection of professional quality microphones designed to provide excellent sound for close-mic live performance and recording environments.

Samson's Q71 & Q72 Mics

The Samson DK705 5 Drum Mic Kit includes one Q71 Kick Drum Microphone and four Q72 Snare/Tom Microphones. Featuring high SPL handling, the Q71 and Q72 were designed with specific frequency response curves to reproduce the natural tone and attack of your kick, snare drum, and toms with little or no EQ.For quick and reliable setup, the Q71 is equipped with a swivel-style mic adapter for standard mic stand mounting. Also included are four tension-mounted rim clips for the Q72's and a deluxe, foam lined hardshell carry case to provide portability and protection for the whole kit.


- 5-piece pro drum mic kit
- One Q71 Kick Drum Microphone with swivel-style mic adapter
- Four Q72 Instrument Microphones with swivel-style mic adapters and tension-mounted rim clips
- Includes foam lined, hardshell carry case