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SKB 30 Molded Hardshell Case for Classical Guitar, 2007 Version With Trigger Latches

SKB 30 Molded Hardshell Case for Classical Guitar, 2007 Version With Trigger Latches

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The entire line of SKB guitar cases is world-famous for unsurpassed protection and solid value. Virtually every major guitar manufacturer worldwide has selected SKB as their original equipment case supplier. FeaturesFull length neck supportTrigger latches with TSA lockSteel feet with rubber gaskets prevent impact damageSKB rigid EPS foam interiors prevent the instrument from moving inside the caseUniversal fit for most classic guitarsFitted interior with deluxe plush for protectionHeavy-duty construction with aluminum valancesAbout SKBSKB has been in business for over 20 years and has a total of 550 employees. Currently operating from nearly 300,000 square feet, they have facilities in Orange, California as well as on the border of Mexico. SKB's distribution base is broad, serving over 6,000 music stores in the United States and has presence in nearly 100 countries. Vertical integration is truly the picture inside SKB. This is a company that generates its own tooling, does as many fabrication functions as possible from the beginning to end, and even generates its own advertising and promotion, in addition to maintaining a website from within. SKB has 3 product areas in which they concentrate: musical instruments and pro audio, sports, and industrial cases.