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Tama HH905D Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

Tama HH905D Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

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The perfect counterpart to Tama's Iron Cobra 900 Series bass drum pedals, the Tama Iron Cobra HH905D Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand which offers incredibly sensitive, lightning-fast action, maximum adjustability and completely noise-free operation. The latest innovation on these stands, "Quick-Set Clutch", allows hi-hat cymbals to be quickly attached and removed. The Hinge Guard Block on the footboard holds the bearing more evenly, minimizing stress and maximizing smoothness.The idea of replacing the traditional pull mechanism with a lever design was a genuinely revolutionary concept. Our Iron Cobra version uses roller bearings at the lever fulcrum for even smoother footboard action while a super-strong Kevlar strap connects the footboard and pull rod for even, noise-free action.

Quick-Set Clutch

With just one touch, the Quick-Set Clutch can be attached or removed
- simply push the button on the side of the clutch. The clutch also allows the top hi-hat cymbal to float more freely, maximizing the natural resonance of the cymbals.

Matching Footboard with Hinge Guard Block

The construction of the Bearing Hinge on the footplate has changed from a one-piece assembly to two pieces. This design holds the bearing more evenly -
- minimizing stress and maximizing smoothness, while also adding to the pedal's sense of power.

Shorter Cymbal Rod Included

Iron Cobra hi-hat stands now come with both long and short cymbal rods, allowing drummers a choice based on their unique setup needs.


- Quick-Set Clutch
- Matching Footboard w/Hinge Guard Block
- Shorter Cymbal Rod Included
- Spring Seat
- 6-way Tension Adjustment
- Oiles Bearing Hinge
- Spare-The-Rods Tension Rod Protector
- Non-Loosening Tension Rod
- Glide-Tite Grip Joint