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Tascam MZ-123BT Commercial-grade Multi-Zone Mixer

Tascam MZ-123BT Commercial-grade Multi-Zone Mixer

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The TASCAM MZ-123BT is a compact 1U multi-channel, multi-zone professional installation mixer that provides versatile routing, mixing and distribution of up to three channels of music and announcements for a wide range of commercial applications, including retail, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, or any environment that requires independent audio routing and announcement capabilities. Featuring a simple, intuitive layout for ease of operation, the Bluetooth-enabled MZ-123BT comes equipped with 2 versatile mic inputs and automatic attenuation of background music for superior intelligibility during announcements or paging.

Discrete Zone Audio Control and Routing

Three discrete Zone Outputs with Volume control allow routing of background music to desired areas or rooms in a restaurant, hotel, retail store or other commercial environment.

Three Outputs with Euroblock Connectors

Three pair of stereo outputs featuring Euroblock connectors for fixed installations are accessible from the back panel. A MONO/STEREO switch is provided for each output.

Three Input Channels

Stereo LINE Inputs 1 and 2 (RCA, Unbalanced) allow connection of AV equipment such as TASCAM CD/Solid State Players or similar playback devices. The Channel 3 AUX/Bluetooth Input allows an additional audio source to be connected via Bluetooth or 3.5mm mini plug. Each input features a Volume Control knob as well as a Zone Routing button (1, 2 or 3) for audio distribution to desired areas.

Bluetooth Antenna for Stable Wireless Connectivity

A dedicated front-panel Bluetooth antenna helps ensure consistent wireless signal stability and reliability when streaming source material from a Bluetooth enabled device
- even in the most signal-challenged environments.

Dual Mic Inputs with Euroblock Connectors

Two Mic Inputs, each with +48V phantom power switches, enable discrete Zone talkover or announcer functionality via push-button front panel Zone Output switches. Two rear panel Euroblock connectors are provided for Mic 1 and 2 connection, with XLR/TRS connectivity for Mic 1 easily accessible from the front panel and selectable via a front panel switch.

3 Band EQ, Gain Control and High Pass Filter Switch

On the back panel, separate 3 band EQ (Low, Mid, High) and Gain control knobs, along with a High Pass Filter switch are provided for setting optimal room level, tonal quality and voicing character for each mic channel.

Talkover Function for Voiceover Clarity During Announcements

The Talkover function automatically detects mic signal input during audio playback and attenuates background music levels in the desired Zone for optimal intelligibility during announcements. Back panel adjustment of Mic Threshold Level and Timing (release time) allows smooth restoration of background music to pre-set levels.

Simple Layout for Ease of Operation

Intuitive front-panel control of Volume, Output, Zone Select and Bluetooth pairing makes basic operation simple for non-technical staff and workers. More advanced system configuration and operational settings for EQ, Gain and Threshold can be dialed in and set via dedicated back panel knobs.

Compact 1U Rack Mount Size

The 1U rack mount size MZ-123BT is designed to fit seamlessly in an installed AV rack, with an optimized depth that allows greater connection space for integrated AV equipment such as TASCAM CD/Solid State Players.


Audio inputs:\t MIC INPUT: (BALANCED) jack (front)\t Connector:XLR-3-31 equivalent: (1: GND, 2: HOT, 3: COLD)6.3mm (1/4") standard TRS jack (Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND)Rated input level: -26dBu (0.039 Vrms, when FRONT HIGH), -2dBu (0.616 Vrms, when FRONT LOW)Maximum input level: -10dBu (0.245 Vrms, when FRONT HIGH), +14dBu (3.884 Vrms, when FRONT LOW)Minimum input level: -65dBu (0.0004 Vrms, when FRONT HIGH), -41dBu (0.007 Vrms, when FRONT LOW)Gain adjustment range: 39dBInput impedance: 2.4kOMIC IN 1-2: (BALANCED) connectors (rear)\t Connectors: Euroblock (balanced) 3.81mm pitchRated input level: -26dBu (0.039 Vrms, when PAD switch OFF), -2dBu (0.616 Vrms, when PAD switch ON)Maximum input level: -10dBu (0.245 Vrms, when PAD switch OFF), +14dBu (3.884 Vrms, when PAD switch ON)Minimum input level: -65dBu (0.0004 Vrms, when PAD switch OFF), -41dBu (0.007 Vrms, when PAD switch ON)Gain adjustment range: 39dBInput impedance: 2.4kOLINE INPUTS 1-2: (UNBALANCED) connectors (rear)\t Connectors: RCA pin jacksNominal input level: -10dBV (0.316 Vrms)Maximum input level: +6dBV (2.0 Vrms)Gain adjustment range: -16dB to +16dBInput impedance: 10kO or higherAUX IN: (UNBALANCED) jack (front)\t Connector: 3.5mm (1/8") stereo mini jackNominal input level: -20dBV (0.1 Vrms)Maximum input level: -4dBV (0.63 Vrms)Input impedance: 10kO or higherAudio outputs:\t

OUTPUTS (BALANCED) connectors:

\t Connectors: Euroblock (balanced) 3.81mm pitchRated output level: +4dBu (1.228 Vrms, when VOLUME knob at 0 dB)Maximum output level: +24dBu (12.282 Vrms)Output impedance: 200OPHONES jack:\t Connectors: 6.3mm (1/4") standard stereo jackMaximum output: 80mW + 80mW or higher (THD+N 0.1% or less, into 32O load)Bluetooth:\t Bluetooth version: 4.2Output class: 2 (about 10m unobstructed transmission distance) The transmission distance is only an estimate and might vary depending on the surrounding environment and radio wave conditions.Supported profile: A2DPSupported A2DP codecs: SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX audioSupported A2DP content protection: SCMS-TGeneral:\t Power: AC 100V
- 240V?50/60HzPower consumption: 25 WDimensions: 483 x 46.5 x 274.8mm (W x H x D, including protrusions, excluding Bluetooth antenna)Weight: 3.0 kgOperating temperature range: 0
- 40 degrees C (32
- 104 degrees F)Included items: Power cord x 1, Euroblock plug x 8, Cable band kit x 1, Rackmount screw kit x 1, Owner's Manual (including warranty) x 1, Bluetooth Antenna x 1 Audio performance:Frequency response:\t MIC INPUT, LINE OUTPUT: 20Hz
- 20kHz: +0.5 dB/-1.0 dB*LINE INPUT, LINE OUTPUT: 20Hz
- 20kHz: +/-0.5 dB*Distortion:MIC INPUT (front) LINE OUTPUT: 0.02% or less*MIC INPUT (rear) LINE OUTPUT: 0.01% or less*LINE INPUT LINE OUTPUT: 0.01% or less*S/N ratio:\t MIC INPUT LINE OUTPUT: 90dB or higher*LINE INPUT LINE OUTPUT:90dB or higher*Crosstalk:\t MIC INPUT LINE OUTPUT: 80dB or higher*LINE INPUT LINE OUTPUT: 80dB or higher*Mic amp EIN: (equivalent input noise)\t MIC INPUT LINE OUTPUT: -125dBu or less (150O, 20kHz LPF, A-weight)NOTE:*when GAIN knob at minimum, VOLUME knob at 0 dB, JEITAJEITA: indicates compliance with JEITA CP-1301A